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This video will be the first single of Kings Of Suburbia and with all the info we have about it, it's gonna be so hot :love:

Bill kisses. Easy to say, but the action itself is difficult. “I’ve never kissed someone on camera before”, says Bill, “I’m shy.”

The first scene while filming in LA for the video of the new single of Tokio Hotel: Bill Kaulitz sits in the middle of the couch, on his right a brunette, on his left a blonde, behind him a redhead and around that young, good looking, half naked people, close together, kissing.

Second scene: Bill joins the gang, imposes himself inbetween two women who are making out, takes one; around them young, good looking, half naked people, close together, all kissing.

Third scene: the same.

In the fourth scene Bill sits on a directors chair and explains how awkward the start was and he tells about this shock: he immediately got a kiss with a lot of tongue and got a bit tongue-raped. Now he’s used to it though: “No holding back anymore.”.

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Alright so let me give you the lay down of this klub...This is an all Bill Kaulitz klub, that's it. No Georg,no Gustav, or Tom.

so here's da rules:

-BE NICE! - No flame wars, no meanies, no blue meanies, no Bill meanies, no trolls (I will hit you with a shtick!!!! IM WARNIN' YA!!!)

-All deviations must be about Bill Kaulitz
or have Bill and Tom in it, or Bill and Gustav, or Bill and Georg. But Bill has to be in the deviation AT ALL TIMES!- like I said nothing but Bill!

-BAND photos are accepted!

-All entries must be nice towards Bill, If you hate him- why are you in this klub anyway?

-I will allow twincest.

-You can write poetry, fanfiction, songs about Bill if you so wish they will be placed in separate folders as literature and fanfiction

-When we start doing kontests these are the only simple rules I have for them...
--Put link to original photo used if photo-manipulating, and post at your own risk. This klub is not responsible for any losses you may encounter on DA if you do not obey the copyright laws.

-Nudity is accepted but only if you warning label it because out there be lil kiddies running around looking at naked pictures of celebrities.

-If you have any suggestions for folders, please leave a comment or note me! ;)

-Any News relating to Bill or Tokio Hotel is accepted, just note me EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT THE BLOG TO SAY and it will be done

- Any Fan video links like from youtube can also be submitted to the Blog, just send me a link to your video, and your name so I can post it accordingly.

:heart: With Love, :heart:
Klub Präsident








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If you have a Facebook, I could really use your help.

I really need help in this competition :)

Type in 'Monsun Magazin' in the search box. Make sure it's the one that says 'Non-Profit Organization' then click the 'Like' button. After that search for Renee McCall, and click on the drawing at the top of my page. It's Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel and leave a comment.

The person with the most comments win :)
Please do this for me.
AliciaMDrawing Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011   General Artist
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Thanks anyway :)
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thnxs so much for asking to include my art in ur gallery!! i feel loved <3 lol
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